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Application of the principle gas spring trends trend is reflected in what

  Gas spring trends trend is reflected in the application of the principle which, mainly by the sleeve, piston and piston rod, etc., in the sleeve to join the high pressure air or high-pressure nitrogen gas, the piston area ranging from creating a pressure differential across, push the piston and piston rod movement and the support person or heavy, and its magnitude is a measure of a change of good quality gas spring ring an important criterion, the magnitude of change is smaller, the better the quality of the gas spring, whereas the worse! Air springs are used in coatings and film forming method of economic, painting equipment is simple, low energy consumption, easy operation, low cost and anti-rust paint and strong; almost completely without organic solvents, less polluting and environmentally friendly, when using controller adjustment stop at the desired location, independent shut-off valves of the piston rod is locked in the required position.
  Changzhou the Longxiang Gas Spring Co., Ltd. Gas spring can play a support, cushion, brake, height adjustment and angle adjustment of industrial parts, etc., the chamber several times higher than the atmospheric pressure or several times , the use of the piston rod cross-sectional area than the cross sectional area so as to achieve the pressure difference generated by the movement of the piston rod.
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